From a Hurricane to a Wahoo!


Grace McGowan, Staff Writer

The big question for every senior is, where are you going to college? After a successful career as a WHB Hurricane, senior Maureen Duffy has signed the deal for her future.

Maureen will be headed to the University of Virginia. Maureen is well-known for her lacrosse career at WHB and has signed to play lacrosse for UVA.

University of Virginia is a seven hour drive from our small town of WHB. With about 22,000 students enrolled and 27 sports teams, Maureen is about to be one of them. “I knew I wanted to go to UVA the minute I stepped onto campus. It felt like home to me and I didn’t want to leave,” she said.

Maureen shared she has a lot to look forward to but also a little bit to worry about. She most looks forward to playing with a great group of girls who she had an automatic connection with. She is a little bit worried about the uncertainty of Covid and college. “I am worried for all of the 2021 graduates that our college experience will be tarnished by all of the unknowns. But I know it is important to stay positive, and I definitely am looking forward to being in a new atmosphere.”

WHB girls varsity lacrosse coach, Ms.Bergman, said, “I want Maureen to enjoy every single thing that comes along with college.  Lacrosse, friendships, independence, growing up.  College is an amazing time and she has such a great opportunity with lacrosse. I will be following her career the whole way and I’m so excited to see what she accomplishes.” 

Maureen says she will miss her friends and family at WHB. “These are the people I’ve grown up with and have taught me everything to make me the person I am today.”

All the students and teachers of WHB will for sure miss her, but are so excited to see what her future brings. Good luck at UVA Maureen!