Senior Sports Seasons Postponed


Lizzie Knieriemen, Staff Writer

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, fall sports have been postponed to the spring, and WHB seniors are losing out on their final seasons. 

On September 11th, the Suffolk County sports officials decided to postpone all high school sports until January 4th. This came as a shock to many high school athletes, considering their season was to start on the 21st, which was only ten days away. 

This decision was made sixteen days after Nassau County’s sports officials pushed their seasons back to the spring. The only schools on Long Island who are allowed to proceed with their fall seasons are the nine Catholic League high schools. The State Catholic League decided to allow each section to make its own decision, and Long Island chose to proceed with fall sports. They felt that they had a good plan to keep the student athletes safe and healthy. 

The plan for the spring is to have three different seasons. The winter season will take place from January 4th to February 27th, the fall season will take place from March 1st to May 1st, and the spring season will begin on April 26th and end on June 19th. 

This decision was made mainly due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19. Other reasons include a reduced number of spectators, lack of locker room and facility use, increased costs in transportation and security for school districts, and equity among all school districts. 

This change is affecting seniors the most. Many seniors were awaiting their final varsity seasons, only to have them postponed. Some are hopeful that the spring seasons will happen, and others are not so sure. 

Senior Jackie Amato had many goals in mind for her last season on the girl’s cross country team. She said, “My goals this season were to qualify for the state championship, get the school record for the 5K at Sunken Meadow, and get All-State at the state meet.” 

When asked if she had hope for a fall season in March, she said, “I think that if everyone does their part by social distancing, wearing their mask, washing their hands, and not going to large social gatherings there is hope for a spring season.” If students continue to follow the safety protocols put in place, hopefully it will be safe to resume sports in 2021. 

Many seniors are also missing having something to do every day and the feeling of being busy. Senior volleyball player Olivia Jayne said, “I miss being able to take out all of my stress at the games or practices. Being able to have a connection with a new team that goes beyond the game and becomes more like a family. Being able to have something to do everyday after school.”

Fingers crossed for a 2021 season!