Is College Necessary?


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Graduates wear a black hat to stand for congratulations on graduation

Greyli Garcia, Staff Writer

Oprah Winfrey dropped out of college. She ended being television’s highest-paid entertainer and the first African-American woman to own a production company.  Was she lucky, or did she put in the hard work and feel determined? 

College isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. The determination and passion someone has for a certain career or hobby are all that matter when trying to find your path. People still have time to attend college if they change their minds in the future like Oprah. She decided to finish her studies even though she was already successful. Twelve years after she dropped out, Oprah got a degree from Tennessee State University and received doctorate degrees from Duke and Harvard. 

Students shouldn’t be pressured into going to college if they don’t want to. Nobody can guarantee success after college. In fact, universities are extremely expensive and stressful, but that shouldn’t contribute to anyone’s desires. Hard work will get people where they want to be because they’re committed and motivated. Students just need to know that college isn’t the only rewarding path in terms of getting a job and an education.   

WHBHS junior Helen Yac said, “I think by considering your passion you are able to invest 100% of effort in the profession you choose. By giving it your all, it’ll look good on your end but also on your employer’s end. You want a high satisfactory feeling when you’re performing your job, which can contribute to your happiness and also create a healthy work environment for you and your co-workers.”  

According to Visual Capitalist, college tuition and fees have increased by 1200% since 1980. Although 2020 had the lowest tuition increase in the last four decades due to students switching from in-person schooling to remote learning, some students still couldn’t afford an education. Many decided to take a gap year, but people can thrive if they chose a different route. 

Another WHBHS junior Lyndzee Walker, said, “I will figure out my next options in terms of finding a job that will help me build my resume so I can develop certain skills for a professional job. Also, using those skills can help me become my own boss in succeeding.”      

Individuals who don’t go to college can end up getting a good job or start something new. The possibilities of succeeding don’t decrease because you didn’t further your education. 

Junior Trinity Valenzuela said, “I don’t think it’s [college is] necessary because there are other things you can do. You can get a job and college wouldn’t be very necessary. I feel like all you need to do is work hard and be determined. You have to be confident in what you do.” 

Confidence will take you a long way. The more confidence you have, the more content someone will feel when doing something they love. Whether it be a university or a certain job, people will be successful if they are willing to work hard to achieve their dreams and aspirations. 

Other students believe going to a university is the best option for them and their future careers. It all depends on what feels right for them. Junior Jessicka Alvarado stated, “I personally want to go to college to study dentistry. Not only for that but to be more independent. I do think people can be successful if they don’t go to college because my dad didn’t and he has been pushing through the hard things in life and three years ago he was able to start his own company, so in my opinion, it all has to do with determination and setting goals.”

Students are not alone when it comes to the unknown. People have to be patient with themselves and know the right decision will soon come along. The universe has a plan for everyone and they shouldn’t be stressed about the future. Everything is going to be okay!