Facing the Facts: Gun Control’s Failure


Santa Fe High School after the school shooting. Photo from Texas Tribune.

Sal Donofrio, Student Editor, Staff Writer

Santa Fe High School is the most recent school shooting, and gun control has captured the nation’s attention again. So the question is: Will there be legislation or will  nothing be done?

The long rifles used by the founding fathers can’t be compared to today’s machine guns, and since the Sandy Hook school shooting, there have been calls for stricter background checks and more gun laws. Sure, certain people shouldn’t be able to get guns, but the people who wish to do us harm will find a way, they always have. There are already regulations on guns such as the AR-15, the bullet caliber, the magazine size and rate of fire already follow the regulations for hunting weapons.

On this continent, Mexico has some of the strictest gun control in the world, having only one legal gun store and yet it has a significantly higher homicide rate utilizing guns than the US. But some incidents that could have been catastrophic were prevented when the right people are armed and in the right place. In fact, in 2015 two gunmen were killed after a they attempted to open fire on a contest of the best drawing of the prophet Mohammed, police and security were able to kill the attackers before they could do any serious damage.

Elsewhere in the world, gun control has failed, and where it has succeeded it won’t work in the United States. Europe’s gun control hasn’t worked out in recent years. The rise of terror attacks by Islamic terror cells have skipped guns resorting to truck rammings, suicide bombings and stabbing sprees. To make matters worse, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan recently announced that his citizens weren’t allowed to carry knives of any kind on them, citing that there is no reason for a person to carry a knife. But as past events have told us, the common terrorist won’t much care for that law, as there have been terror attacks that involve ramming cars into crowds and then stabbing sprees afterward.

The law is for everyone, but only the law abiding citizen obeys the law. Criminals by definition do not, and therefore will possess guns. With these guns they will rob, murder, and do other things that are easier with a gun.

Gun control has beyond any doubt worked, Australia. Shortly after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, Australia had sweeping gun control regulations. Australia hasn’t had a mass shooting since. So, would it work in the United States? Well, the short answer is no, the Australian model can’t work for the US. There are simply too many people who won’t turn over their weapons.  

In cases where guns have killed, there has been calls for restrictions or bans of guns. So when a truck or car runs into a crowd, then lets restrict cars or outright ban them. The truth is, you can’t ban or restrict guns, you can’t ban or restrict cars. Banning or restricting cars to prevent death is just as impractical as trying to ban and restrict guns because they kill. But let’s not forget bombs. A suicide bomber is what attacked an Ariana Grande concert in May of 2017 and a pressure cooker bomb is what caused chaos and death at the Boston Marathon Bombing. Guns were not a factor at all in these cases, yet they killed innocent people. A pressure cooker ban or pressure cooker control sounds ridiculous.  

You simply prevent a person from committing an act of violence. You can try and limit them, but they will find a way, the people that are most determined to do us harm always have.