Do Our Pets Need to Social Distance too?

Do Our Pets Need to Social Distance too?

Mohan Vishwa

Madison Mosher, Staff Writer

Animals in Europe and Asia have been infected with the coronavirus. Everyday things, like walking your dog, going to the park, and being outside have been the lives of us and our pets this quarantine. But, things may start to change even more. 

We were told that animals cannot contract coronavirus. That was recently changed when cats and dogs in New York, Belgium, China, and even the Bronx Zoo, where four tigers and three lions tested positive for COVID-19. What does this mean for us, and how can we protect our pets?

Although it is not yet scientifically proven that animals can catch the virus from humans and vise versa, here are some ways to protect you and your pets from coronavirus. The risk of other animals getting the virus from other animals is low, and cats are more likely to contract the virus than dogs. The easiest thing to do is to treat your pets like other family members, staying away from older family and people outside of the household. 

Keeping your pets indoors  all day seems odd and nearly impossible, so the best bet to keep them safe is to let them roam the backyard or set up an area for them to play. This compared to walking your pet where there is risk of coming in contact with other people or pets, is the better alternative. If you plan on walking your pet, try to keep them on a short leash, maintaining the social distancing of about six feet. 

As more research will go on with the coronavirus, maybe with more testing there will be final answers on whether we can pass on the virus to animals.